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It was a graveyard smash!

I was right about my costume, I was still sewing right down to the wire! But it was worth it in the end, we won a prize! Not sure what the prize was though, I’d had to drink through a straw to save my make-up coming off, so I ended up getting VERY drunk. We went to the FAB Cafe’s legendary Halloween party, and as ever it was fantastic. The costumes this year have by far been the best yet.

So here’s some pictures of my, my husbands and my best friend’s costumes. The idea I came up with was that we’d be the steam punk versions of the Cheshire Cat (me), the White Rabbit (Adam) and the Caterpillar (Rachael). I think we did a nice job! Plus there’s a comic book in the offing now.

Here’s what we did:

I wore green harem cargo pants which looked rather like cat legs, a khaki army shirt, brown suede strapped boots, brown pleather flying jacket (which I didn’t wear as it was too darn hot), brown pleather buckled waistcoat, cat paws, flying helmet and flying goggles and accessories. I made and modified most of my costume, the only things that remained exactly as I bought them were my flying goggles, flying jacket and my shirt. I made my waist coat, gun holsters, tail, paws and ears. I modified my flying helmet to attach the ears and make it lie better on my head. I added the tail to the trousers, with a nifty little holder for my tail to keep it out of the way. I also added daggers to my boots. I painted some Nerf darts to look more like bullets, bright orange just isn’t a look too many people can carry off. My husband painted my 2 Nerf Mavericks and his Nerf Longstrike to look much more steam punk and attractive.

Adam wore a cream army shirt, cream chinos, army tie, army mosquito puttees (things to cover the ankles in tropical climates), brown boots and welding goggles atop his pith helmet, sash belt, pistol holster and white gloves. Of his costume I made a couple leather pouches for his belt, and his sash belt. I modified his rabbit ears so they’d fit under his pith helmet and he became a lop-eared rabbit, and added some pleather to his puttees (that you can’t see). He made a pleather holster for his pistol.

We used prosthetics for our animal faces (we don’t look like that normally) and I had fangs. I was going to wear cat-eye contact lenses but turns out my left eye rejects them! We then applied good old-fashioned face paint. I also painted my hair which worked brilliantly.

Rachael wore a beautiful cheongsam, long black opera gloves, green tights for her arms, lovely long false eyelashes, a green monocle and painted her face a lovely shade of green. You can’t see the dots and details she’d done on her face make-up which looked really effective. She also brought a couple bottles of rather nifty looking poison!

So there you go, Halloween 2011 over with. I enjoyed every minute of making my costume, even when it got frustrating. The party was the best yet too. Can’t wait for next year, there’s only 362 days to prepare, blink and you’ll miss it!