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I was working in the lab, late one night…

Halloween is nearly upon us. And, just like every year I try to make an impressive costume, I left it till the last minute. I’ll be sewing and sticking and painting until mere minutes before we’re due to get ready. I don’t know how I’ve managed it this year, I knew what I was going to do on November 1st 2010 and have been piecing the bits together that I can’t make myself since January. I thought I was being so organised, but turns out I was actually being proper lazy!

Although I like to dress up and celebrate Halloween, I don’t particularly like it when the local kids come knocking at our door. Not the little kids that really make an effort and enjoy getting a little bag of Haribo (if Adam hasn’t eaten them all) and a little scare. It’s the teenage ones, where only one of them wears an old Scream mask, and they all stand there with their hands out. They’re not embracing the frivolity that is Halloween, they’re not getting into the spirit of things (get it!). I’ve even had a cheeky little sod ask for money instead of sweets! If you’re not going to make an effort you don’t deserve our gelatinous treats.

I used to love Trick or Treating when I was little. We’d never venture far from our street and half of them didn’t answer the door, but the 6 year old me was giddy with excitement. We’d knock on a door and wait with growing anticipation as to what might be on the other side. I remember one year we knocked on the door a few houses down from us and the grown ups there had set up an apple bobbing game. This had never happened before and was thrilling, I must’ve gone back about 4 times to play! But I don’t think they ever did it again or it was the last Halloween I Tricked or Treated as I don’t remember it happening again. 

In terms of costumes, as a kid I might have been a cat once, but it was mainly witches. A witch’s costume tended to consist of a cardboard hat, shop bought if we were very lucky, and a bin bag for a cape or dress. It was so simple yet I would get extremely excited at the thought of being transformed into a beast of legend! Maybe by some fluke of nature I’d attain the real powers of a witch and go about casting spells on the houses of people that didn’t answer the door, or turn my sweet stealing big sister into a toad.

I think that’s why I love Halloween; it allows your imagination run wild and become a kid again. Delight in surprising others and being surprised in return. Halloween parties seem to be the time when everyone lets their guard down, they don’t have to hide behind a pretence of cool and embrace the silly, the weird or the scary. Costumes don’t have to be detailed, expensive, complicated or perfect. A homemade outfit can be just as effective as a shop bought one. Personally I enjoy making costumes, creating or modifying things when putting a look together. I love seeing the idea I’ve had in my head take shape. (This year my costume has led me to write the first draft of a comic book!) Making a costume can be a dangerous process, but each wound collected is worn like a badge of honour. I think I must enjoy leaving it till the last minute, as it builds the tension and excitement of whether it’ll look good or even be ready in time.  But I love it whether it’s an epic win or a massive fail, it’s all part of the fun.

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