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Excess Baggage!

I’ve just got back from a fantastic holiday to Spain! The weather was amazing and the villa was fabulous! I even managed to get a tan, which is very strange for me as I’m paler than milk and my skin actively reflects the sun as far away from me as possible. Seriously, I can get sunburned just by watching "A Place in the Sun”! I won’t bore you with the rest of the holiday, so I’ll get to the point; excess baggage.

I always take too many clothes away on holiday and wear hardly any of them, and this time was no exception. I brought back about 35 tops that I never wore, and a further 9 tops I bought whilst out there (1 of which was a lovely thick Hello Kitty jumper, bought in 40oC heat!). I was worried I’d be over the baggage limit going, but luckily I was 1kg under the limit; so coming back with more stuff was a bit more worrying but thankfully I was spot on.  Every year is the same; spend pretty much every day in and by the pool (I swam 6 miles in total don’t you know) then put proper clothes on for dinner if we’re going out or just throw on my poolside casuals if we’re bbq-ing. So why do I insist that I’ll need 45 changes of clothes depending on the weather, where we’re going, if this top goes with those shoes, whether I’ll be wearing heels or flats, if the King is in residence or there’s a meteor shower? It’s stupid! Maybe subconsciously I’m taking the weight limit as a challenge, I mean if they didn’t want us to take that much stuff they wouldn’t have such a high maximum would they? *whistles innocently* I always promise myself that the next time I’ll be more sensible and only take what I really need and will likely wear. I’m a total liar because I know it’ll be the same scenario next year! It isn’t doing my carbon footprint any good that’s for sure! I should feel guilty for all those singing and dancing penguins I’m killing off, but what’s one extra pair of wedges and a shawl weigh really…